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A Bear Plants a Birthday Party in Sweet Spot

A birthday picnic ended with a big surprise for the Connecticut family when a black bear came out of the woods and made a buoy for their cupcakes.

Rauf and Laura Majidian filmed a bear powered at a table with treats for their two-year-old son Cyrus’ party at their home in West Hartford.

The impatient Ursin laughed at some pastries before going for a walk again, ignoring some juice cans and a bread basket.

“I’m a little scared, I’m a little scared, but everyone is safe,” Laura Majidian told local TV channel wtnh News, adding that she and other matures had gathered “a group of children” playing outside when the bear appeared and took them inside.

Rauf Majidian told HLN’s Weekend Express that the bear had quashed all attempts to scare him.

“Everyone was celebrating on the court,” he said. “[We heard] the first loud noise… we all turned around and saw a bear.

All the matures shouted at the bear. I wasn’t confused.”

The bear population in Connecticut has increased in recent years, and the state energy and environment agency’s wildlife division has already received reports of more than 8,000 sightings this year.

“The black bear is an intelligent animal with a keen sense of smell and hearing,” the Department said. “He can pick up the slightest scent of food, which can lead the bear to camping and nearby houses.

“Black bears are usually shy and reserved, and they are usually afraid of humans. However, if you regularly find food near homes and places of human activity, you can get rid of the fear of people.”

But, the agency notes, “Black bears rarely show aggression towards humans, even in the presence of the smallest ones.”

Laura Majidian said that at the party last weekend, the bear came home for the first time, although they are not uncommon in her neighborhood.

“Sometimes we have an early morning, like garbage collection day,” she said. “Two days after the party, I saw a bear while we were out for a walk.

“We’ll be talking about that for a long time.”

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